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Best Male Enhancement:  Do you suffer from a small penis size? Are you sick of the disappointing signs on your partner’s face after each intercourse? Do you feel like half a man? Did you lose your self-confidence? Did you waste a small fortunate trying so-called best male enhancement techniques that deliver nothing valuable? If your answers are yes, then you must know that you are not alone.

Alone in the U.S., according to the Chartham Penis Enlargement Study, over 40% of the women are not happy with their partners penis size. ©

According to the Authentic Women’s Penis Size Preference Chart, there is a strong relationship between penis size and sexual satisfaction. ©

I totally know and understand your frustration when you cannot satisfy your partner. For long years, I had the same problem. In this blog, I report and review everything I tried till I finally succeeded to add 4 inches in ONLY 8 weeks 100% naturally and to finally overcome my premature ejaculation problems.

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how to make your peni bigger

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  7. How to Improve Erection for Satisfying Sex?

Best Male Enhancement: 3 Tips!

If you are suffering from self-consciousness due to the size of your member, there are ways that you can improve your penis size without having to resort to surgery or painful tactics to stretch this organ out. Many men are willing to try almost anything just to gain a few inches. In reality, however, simply using these top 3 best male enhancement tips can result in tremendous benefits for this area of the body.


  1. Tip (1): Work on having a healthy blood circulation!

It is first important to know that having good blood circulation is key for enjoying optimal length, girth, staying power and stamina. If you are not getting good blood flow to this region of the body, then you will likely have problems in this area. Exercising more and drinking less are the first things that you can do to enhance your organ that are key features of the best male enhancement.

This is really important for people, who are looking for great sex after 40. In some cases, due to non-healthy habits, people above 40 suffer from improper blood circulation. Due to the fact that having a proper penis size and good erection depends on the blood circulation, then there is no wonder that a lot of people over 40 have health issues. In a Wikipedia, there is a nice article about how to increase blood flow, check it here.


  1. Tip (2): Healthy diet helps a lot!

The right foods can be beneficial as well.  Generally, to have a healthy lifestyle is one of the best male enhancement options that could help also to increase sex drive. A moderate and daily dose of caffeine will impact the size of your member positively.

You can also eat more bananas, oysters and salmon especially salmon that really helps to increase libido. Incorporating the use of cayenne pepper in your diet will also benefit your circulatory system. More importantly, these best male enhancement ingredients can improve your health overall, especially if you are consistent in these efforts.


  1. Tip (3): Stretching is also something that you can try!

best male enhancement tipsYou want to avoid the placement of weights and other like contraptions as many of these can cause long term damage. It will do you no good to become bigger if you cannot achieve a natural erection after having experienced this increase.

It is additionally important to prep this are before getting started with any stretching by warming the targeted, ligaments, muscles and skin by taking a long, warm shower or using a heating pad. In fact, you can even perform many stretching exercise while taking a warm bath or shower.

Whenever you are causing yourself extreme pain you are in danger of overdoing it. Thus, you should always use these top 3 best male enhancement tips with caution. The goal is to gain more length without causing physical harm that will be difficult to overcome.

And you know, according to a certain survey in the U.S., over 60% of men suffering from a small penis size indicated that they had better erections after talking frankly with their partners. I myself felt more confident due to the help I got from my partner and this is really the best male enhancement of 2012.

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Best Male Enhancement- Kegel exercise for men!

  1. Number 1 herbal routines: Kegel exercises for men!

Arnold KegelKegel exercises are first published in 1948 by Dr. Arnold Kegel who is well known as an expert in the field of men’s health. According to diverse and recent penis enlargement studies, over 80% of men, who tried this solution, got great results with minimal or no side effects. Also these exercises help to significantly decrease refractory period.

If you browse the internet, male enhancement blogs, forums like Yahoo Answers, etc. you will see 1000s of best male enhancement consumer reports that talk positively about the results from this kind of routines. I myself got excellent results with these exercises and I succeeded to add 4 inches in less than 3 months. Also, thanks to the research results from Dr. Kegel, I managed to add inches to my length and girth.

Typically, Kegel exercises are done over 3 steps:

  • Quickly clench and release repeatedly for 10 seconds (3 sets, with 10 seconds break between the sets)
  • lench and release repeatedly for 5 seconds (10 sets, with 10 seconds break)
  • Tighten and hold your PC muscle for 30 seconds (3 sets, with 10 seconds break)

  1. Kegel Exercised for men-Safety Precautions!

It does not matter which solution you would like to go for, it could extenders, pills, stretchers, etc. The main danger hier is the application of whatever treatment that could make your situation even worse.  So, it is highly recommended to consult a urologist before opting for any kind of routines.

This applies to everyone specifically for those who suffer from any diseases like poor blood circulation, oxygenation, and regeneration. Similarly, it is better to notify a health professional before you take any pills or in case you are suffering from diabetes, respiratory instability, or cirrhosis. Here are also some precautions to avoid any harmful results:

  • Never ever apply an excess weight on your penis
  • Apply a safe amount of tension to your penis
  • Warm up before staring any exercises


  1. Jelqing Video- Powerful Tip!

Over 90% of the searches online to buy best male enhancement products are related to the term video, which makes sense. Having jelqing videos like the ones offered by the program Penis advantage is the best way ever. Nothing can go wrong, if you see life what is going on.

You should always be diligent and consistent in your efforts when using Kegel exercises for men. You may also want to make an effort to stop drinking and smoking in excess. Doing all these things together will definitely allow you to achieve a greater length and size.

  1. Powerful Tip!

Even the top male enhancement exercise will only provide very modest benefits if you are not making efforts in other areas. There are many different things that can impact the size of your penis. Rather than stretching your way to exhaustion you may want to place a little bit of focus on improving your general health situation.

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Best Male Enhancement Pills: 3 top-rated products!

Poor sex performance and other related problems come naturally and it has been proven several times in the U.S. and other countries that there is a strong relationship between penis size and sexual satisfaction. Many people suffer these tribulations not knowing that there are many solutions out there toward the top male enhancement solution.

There are products which can increase the penis size, give firm erections, give multiple orgasms, boost sexual morale and even offer the best male enhancement for stamina. There are many such products, but the top 3 best male enhancement pills are as follows:


  1. The top rated pill is VigRxPlus for many reasons.

This pill is already a famous name in the industry and many people have tried it and is considered so far as the best male enhancement pills 2011 and 2012. It has also been in use for many years. In terms of reliability, VigRxPlus is indisputably the leading product. It gives better and hard erections in a matter of seconds.

VigRxPlus also helps eliminate premature ejaculations. Males who have never had an orgasm have confessed to having one after taking this pill. It gives that much needed sexual satisfaction not only to the man but also to the woman. The pill has been recommended by medical practitioners, and clinical studies have indicated it is one of the best, based on several male enhancement reviews.


  1. ProSolution Pills is the second top rated product.

The product has been in the market for more than a decade, and its results are recommendable. It improves the sex drive of the user significantly. It also gives a rock solid erection which is long lasting. It is also one of the proven products which provide multiple orgasms. It is recommended by medical practitioners and highly valued by customers who opt for the best male enhancement.


  1. Extenze is the third pill according to customer and product ratings.

The natural pill is made of herbs, and this gives it an edge over the other products in terms of safe use. It is also cheaper than most other similar male enhancement products in the market. It improves sex drive, treats erectile dysfunction and improves sex performance. These top 3 best male enhancement pills are rated according to customer feedback.


  1. Best male enhancement-Last Words!

Michael FosterAccording to 100s of surveys and studies by the pioneers in the best natural male enhancement field, e.g. Dr. Michael Foster, Dr. Brian Richards, Raymond Roberts, M.D., AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, Dr. Aaron Kemmer, etc. herbal treatments is the best way ever to go.

Herbs for male potency that do not have side effects are the best ever solution. This is the conclusion you should take with. If you have to choose between pills and Kegel exercises, then without thinking twice, opt first for the exercises, as a natural male enhancement.

Finally, how to enhance your penis starts and ends by talking frankly to your partner. She will be the one who has to be informed frankly about your case and she is also the one whom you like to satisfy. If she really likes you, then she will support and stand by you till you succeed to increase penis size. Do not forget that she is the best one for you to answer the question: what size of penis do girls like?

Adding to this, you should be patient as there is nothing called elixirs for penis enlargement. Every treatment takes its own time. In fact, if you are on a hurry, then pills is the right solution. Otherwise, to be on the safest side, then natural male enhancement is the best way to go. To make it clear, Kegel exercises for men is the only right and honest answer to the question on how to make your peni bigger with your hands.

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How to make your penis bigger with Food 100% Naturally?

Most men want a large penis for different reasons ans want to know how to make your peni bigger fast. If you were not blessed with a large one, then men have to find ways to increase it. Some guys may use natural or surgical methods. Food does not directly increase penile size, but can enhance it. Eating a healthy diet is essential for overall health.

  1. Men can benefit from including certain foods in their diet.

how-to-increase-penile-sizeIf you are looking for foods to increase size, then you want to eat food that increases blood flow. Example foods are sweet potatoes, tomatoes carrots and broccoli. In fact, this is the best answer for the question how to make your peni bigger at home.

These vegetables will not add inches, but they are a good source of nutrients and promote good blood flow. Excellent blood flow is essential for maintaining an erection. The circulatory system stays in shape and functions well because of eating a healthy diet.

Eating the right foods helps blood to get to the sex organs, which results in thicker and longer erections. And this is the right answer to the question: how to make your peni bigger without drugs and without side effects?


  1. Certain fruits can relax the blood vessels in the body.

This allows for blood to flow easy to the penis. Fruits can also increase arousal. A variety of nuts like almonds are rich in fatty acids. Fatty acids are essential for producing the male hormone and control the male libido.

L-Arginine is another important nutrient found in nuts that boosts erectile functions and increases circulation. Pine nuts contain zinc, which is vital for producing healthy sperm. Garlic is a natural male enhancement and rich in allicin. It also helps with increasing circulation to the sex organs.


  1. It is important to live a healthy lifestyle.

Most people can benefit from getting regular exercise and following a healthy diet. Not following a healthy diet can lead to malnutrition and other health problems. Men can learn how make penile size larger with food by living healthy and eliminating bad habits.

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How to make your peni bigger fast without pills?

A great number of men have asked one question about a concern they have, which is how to increase penile size without pills? They want to know how to increase the length of the penis by alternative methods. There are other options. One is using one of the stretching devices that work on the principle that when the male organ is stretched in small increments over time, it will grow longer and thicker. This does have some medical validity, albeit not when used to enlarge the penis.

  1. The theory is that cellular reproduction fills in minute tears that are caused by the gradual stretching.

Although there are no research results available, this principle has been known to work in other applications. Then there are the penis exercises done without mechanical assistance.

how-to-make-your-dick-biggerThere are exercise programs have been alleged to work in many cases. There are five that the majority of men who wish to enlarge the penis recommend. The benefits of those are a heightening of sexual prowess, achieving control over time of ejaculation and an alleged increase in length.

One other benefit to penile exercise, that is of no small importance, is that sexual pleasure is increased. Yet another benefit is cost compared to other programs. Some of the exercise programs are advertised and sold online and offline. However, many are free to read online. For those, there is no cost other than the investment of time. Even better natural food and exercises are the right answer to the question on how to make your peni bigger in a week.

Now, the men who undertake one of the exercise programs should not expect rapid results. Nothing dramatic is going to happen overnight. It must be done every day without fail. This day by day adherence to an exercise routine will pay off in the long run. The increase in length and girth will occur gradually.

In addition to enlargement, use of an exercise program will straighten a curved penis, heighten the libido in older men and result in stiffer and stronger erections. Delayed orgasm will intensify the pleasure he experiences. It will create an improvement in the romantic life of the male who follows it regularly, and that of his partner, who is considered the first help on how to make your penis bigger.

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How to Increase Penile Girth 100% Naturally?

If you are interested in understanding how to increase penile girth, then there are many things that you should be aware of. When a person is able to grow their penis on command, then they will be able to enjoy all the pleasures that they may desire. Men and women all across the globe can all appreciate a member that is large and firm and that is why 100s of men look for the best male enhancement.

When it comes to how to make your penis grow faster, the number of methods that are associated with increasing the size of the penis are almost endless. There are pills that people can take in order to send more blood flowing where it is needed most. Exercises exist that enable the penis to be able to hold more blood content in its vessels so that it stays firmer for an extended period of time. Other machines and pumps are available, but can be painful if they are not used correctly.


  1. In order to know how to make your peni bigger manually, there are many factors to understand.

PC-muscle-Kegel-excerciseThe penis is a sensitive body part and should be treated with care and respect. A person should only use safe methods if they want to start increasing their size and stature. One more thing to know about is jelqing exercises and how to properly employ them as it has been proven so far that is the best way ever and for more information, check this article.

Furthermore, have you ever been informed that increasing the level of testosterone in your body could also help to have a better sexual life? In addition, to add girth naturally, it is also possible to increase the sensitivity of your PC flex so that it works better. If you do not know where your PC muscles are, refer to the picture on the left hand side.

However, you should be patient and persistent. Stay away from those who claim immediate results. When it comes to your manhood, do not take any high risks, otherwise, you could land no where.


  1. This should be your last not first solution:

If using exercise programs and pills is just not doing the trick, then some people opt for surgery. It is vital to realize that surgeries are permanent procedures, so a lot of time and mental preparation should be executed before any final decisions are made. Once a surgery is complete, then the penis can grow to the length and width that you desire and the best male enhancement is achieved.

When you know how to increase penile girth in a safe and effective manner, then you will be able to enjoy all the pleasures that come with being a man. If you are large in your southern regions, then making love can instantly feel better. A larger size usually means that you will last longer in the bedroom as well.

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How to Improve Erection for Satisfying Sex?

TestosteroneA weak or a complete lack of penis firmness can affect the confidence and self esteem of a man. The inability of a man to function and perform sex to satisfying levels leads to breakage of relationships. Here are some ways on how to improve erection in order to have a satisfying and fulfilling sex life.

Good circulation of blood around the body of a man is important for a proper firmness of the penis. Some medications have been invented to boost erection for those who have problems doing so. The pills contain nutrients such as Zinc and I-arginine that are essential for the sexual health of men who look for the best male enhancement.

Do not forget about the tip about how to increase the testosterone level in your body. This overlooked tip is one of the best natural male enhancement tips as it does not have any side effects. To this goal, you should have a healthy sex life as much as possible. Stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking, sleep well, drink 2-3 liters of water per day, avoid junk food as much as possible, and finally 30-45 minutes walking per day is the best way to go for as the first step toward male enhancement exercises.

  1. The herbs include pauma, ginkgo, ginseng, muira among others.

These herbs have been used before only as libido enhancers and not as treatment of erectile dysfunctional issues. Because they can improve erection, it was wise to use them as part of the bill to serve the same purpose and this is one of the overlooked facts about the best male enhancement.

  1. The pills work by increasing blood circulation in the body to enable the organ to become erect.

They also help in the release of some important chemicals in the body such as nitric oxide. These chemicals play an important role because they assist the muscles surrounding the penis to relax thereby facilitating the flow of blood and result in penis firmness. For more information about how to enlarge your penis using the best male enhancement product without any side effects.


  1. Do not overlook these words!

Besides making the muscles around the penis to relax, these pills increase the blood circulation around the pubic area. The circulation of blood around this area is a good ingredient for better penis firmness and sex. In this context, it is worthwhile to highlight the fact that the best natural male enhancement works on this point which is increasing the blood flow to your organ to improve your erection and last longer in bed.

The increase of blood around the pubic area is important because it will enable the muscles to supply enough of the blood all over the penis including its tip which is the most sensitive area which cannot function well without sufficient supply of blood and this is the claim of how the best male enhancement pills work.

pc flexThe penis is composed of erectile tissue with muscles and veins that supply blood which is very important if these tissues have to support penis firmness. The problem with the use of drugs is the inability to continually support penis firmness since the body will always be dependent on the drugs to cause penis firmness.

This is an occurrence that is likely to negate the recovery of those who experience a seasonal erection problem. To avoid any non-desired results, you should check all possible online sources about Kegel exercises as they are the most common art of enlarging your penile without hurting your organ.

The penis firmness will only last for the period when the drug is still in the blood system, meaning that the person will need to take the pills every time he has the desire to engage in sex. The erectile tissue gets back to normal if a man stops using the pills. Penis exercise and traction devises can also be worn on the penis to facilitate tissue growth and help in maintaining erection.


  1. Healthy nutrition can help in enhancing the sexual appetite and the libido.

Besides, they help in the production of semen which is necessary for a man to have sexual desires. Since there are many ways on how to improve erection, it is upon the user to decide on the best method in consideration with the advantages and disadvantages involved. Recently, I came across an online article, which is related to the topic. I found it very useful and you should check this article at:  How To Make Your Penis Bigger With Home Remedies?

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