Exercise to Increase Penis Girth: I added 4 Inches in 2 Months!

Exercise to Increase Penis Girth: It is important to exercise to increase penis girth because size does matter. There are people who aver that it does not. They argue that foreplay techniques are the things that give a woman pleasure. That may be true, and it may be true of men too. However, when it comes to orgasm and climax it must be admitted that a tight fit is what makes the earth shift on its axis.

Exercise to Increase Penis Girth: Facts!

  • Women are fortunate to have breasts that are such beautiful features.

Women are proud of them and that is shown by the surprising number who go in for augmentation. The male equivalent of the female breast is the penis. It is not nearly as beautiful but in general males tend to think the bigger the better because a great deal of pleasure is concentrated in this one organ.

  • There are very few males who would like to have a smaller penis.

Many buy pills and ointments in largely vain attempts to enlarge their favorite organ that gives them such great pleasure. They can imagine the pleasure of penetrating with a large, hard phallus. There can be no doubt that this will be a great deal more pleasurable than swimming around loosely like a tadpole and not filling the vagina as one should. The fear of impotence is a significant issue for many men and the fear is likely to impede performance. A larger member can boost confidence.

So there are good reasons for taking exercise to improve the girth of one’s member. Man who attend gyms soon develop impressive muscles. This is not done by applying ointments or taking pills. It is appropriate exercise that can build spectacular muscles. Similarly, appropriate exercise can build a thick and powerful penis and this is the idea behind an exercise to increase penis girth.

However, assuming that persistence does eventually lead to success and one ends up with a magnificent penis it is important to use it gently. Its purpose is not to hurt or overpower. The more powerful a man’s penis the more gentle he is likely to be in affording his partner the pleasure that she will get if it is gently and slowly inserted. The powerful thrusts should only come when they are called for.

Exercise to Increase Penis Girth: Tips!

  • Athletes know that they must do warm up exercises before a race or before a gym session.

Similarly, penis exercises usually involve a warming up process that brings blood to the tissue, making it more flexible and pliable. Some people take a face cloth and soak it in hot water. When it cools it is heated again and applied so that the phallus gets really warmed up. There are other methods, including commercial appliances and rods, but the face cloth method seems economical and effective.

After thoroughly warming the organ, the next step is to stretch the tissue in a quite demanding fashion. As in all physical exercise, the saying goes that there is no gain without pain. Because this member is much more sensitive than a bicep or thigh some people might be rather tentative about stretching but with practice and advice, available online, one can judge the degree of intensity that is most appropriate.

  • Exercise to Increase Penis Girth: Consider this too!

After about ten minutes spent in warming the penis and stretching it manually an equal amount of time can be spent on a technique that is similar to milking. Essentially the penis is gripped at the base with the thumb and index finger shaped into a circle. Then they are pushed forward from the base towards the glans.

The milking motion should be repeated continuously for about ten minutes so that blood is forced through the tissue in much the same way as blood is forced through the tissue of other muscles in the course of gym exercise. Both hands can be used alternately.

Exercise to Increase Penis Girth:Last Tips!

  • After the milking session is done a warming down session should follow.

Exercise to Increase Penis GirthMore manual stretching can be followed by another wrapping in a warm cloth. If the member rather tender and sore for a while one can expect the discomfort to disappear with sleep. However if recovery is not achieved by the following morning one might desist for a day or two and then resume in a more restrained style.

When one considers the magnificent achievements of body builders it is clear that exercise to increase penis girth can be extremely effective. However it is not simple and the techniques need to be developed and refined. Fortunately a great deal of free advice is available online.

There are many men engaged in this pursuit which means a great deal to the fulfillment of one of life’s greatest pleasures and irresistible impulses. To avoid any non-desired results, you should consider all the above facts about opting for an exercise to increase penis girth. You may also need to review this information about: male enhancement exercises.

Natural Ways To Make Your Dick Bigger

There are several natural ways to make your dick bigger. Before you decide on what method to use, you should first know the natural erection enhancement facts. Penis consists of three chambers. Two of them are large and run along corpora cavernous, while the smaller one runs along the bottom of the dick. Erection occurs once the two large chambers are filled with blood, which makes the penis to expand.

You should note that the size of a dick is limited to the amount of blood held by these two large chambers. You only gain maximum erection once the two large chambers are filled with blood. There are special techniques designed to increase blood flow towards the chambers in the penis. The more the blood flow, the bigger the penis becomes. This is actually a fact that many men are not aware of. You can only enlarge the penis naturally if you adapt the right technique.

  • The most effective natural way to make your dick bigger is the use of hands.

This is a safe method since you cannot suffer from any side effect. It is also a cost effective method of enlarging penis as compared to other common methods. You may choose to engage in some exercises, that when performed regularly will enable you maintain harder erections. These exercises can also improve your ejaculation. Just imagine how your sexual partner would feel if you are able to ejaculate more semen that you used to before. Doing these exercises consistently will enable you to gain a larger and thicker dick.

  • One of the common natural methods to enlarge penis is known as stretch.

This method was introduced so many years ago by the Arabs. People used this method to increase the penis size of their sons in order to prepare them for marriage. It was a very common practice that proved to be effective. Generations after generations continued to use the same method meaning that it really worked. It has also been proved effective these days because many men are practicing it.

  • Stretching technique is quite simple.

You require a little lubrication such as baby oil or body moisturizing lotion. You need to make your penis semi-erect before you start the exercise. Hold the penis at its base tightly and try to slide fingers towards the dick head. Note that the aim of this exercise is to push blood and make it flow forward.

Once the fingers reach the penis head, you can use fingers of the other hand to perform it again. Keep on alternating the two hands in order to perform it continuously. This exercise should be done for about twenty minutes every day. This is actually one of the most effective ways to get a bigger penis in a safe and natural way.

The stretch method is quite effective because you are distending the tissues and cells that align your penis. This will make the penis grow longer than before. Note that if you do not stretch the penis it will shrink and become smaller as you get old. This means that it will not be operating at its fullest potential. Note that there is a lot of free skin at the base of your penis than need to be pulled and stretched. Stretching exercise will enable you get the most out of pride.

  • You can also use the flex technique.

male enhancement exercisesThis involves strengthening of the coccyges muscles. This makes you to have a bigger erection and also be in a position to control ejaculation. The coccyges muscles are located between the scrotum and anus. Try to squeeze these muscles just for one second and then release. This method can make your penis grow bigger within a very short period of time. It aims at forcing blood to flow and fill the two larger penis chambers. This exercise can be performed in privacy, either in a bedroom or bathroom.

Dick enlargement exercises try to push blood into the penile region. It is advisable to choose the right exercise that you are comfortable with. It is worth to note that natural penis enhancement exercises require time before you can see the desired results.

For that reason, you need to be patient enough in order to see the end results. These results can be noticed after several weeks or even months. Note also that these exercises need consistence practice. This means that once you start you should not stop until you see the results. Choose a method you are sure you can manage to do on daily basis.

  • There are also natural herbs that can be used to enlarge your penis.

These herbs are extracted from specific trees, commonly found in Africa. Most of these herbs have been tested clinically and found to be effective in penis enlargement. They work under the same principle as penis enlargement exercises. Once you take these herbs, blood flow towards the male reproductive organ is increased hence stiffening the penis.

You need to be very careful when choosing these herbs. This is because some do not work at all. Buy from online pharmacies that have positive reviews from past clients. Do not buy cheap herbs since they might be counterfeits and will not make you achieve your goals.

Herbs will also increase your performance in sexual intercourse. They try to enhance ejaculation and make you release more semen. A great advantage with these herbs is that they do not have side effects. You can also find some pills that are made using these herbs. Remember to buy from a reputable online pharmacy to avoid buying counterfeits.

  • There are those men who will engage in exercising while others go for herbs.

It does not matter the method you choose as long as you will achieve your desired goal. For exercises, make sure that you do them on daily basis. You can allocate about 20 minutes every day to do these exercises. Remember that you also need rest after exercising. This is to allow your penis grow on its own and also enable it rest from being stretched. Always adapt the natural ways to make your dick bigger to avoid severe side effects and you should really consider male enhancement exercise to increase penis girth.

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