Food That Increases Penis Size

Food that increases penis size: Penile size is an issue that affects men a lot. Every man wants to feel capable and be successful in every aspect of their life, including sex. There is this old myth which states that performance is directly proportional to size.

On the contrary, after a lot of research, it has been proven false. However, many men still have this unquenchable thirst to have large penises. This has led to the discovery of food that increases penis size. Before further reading, take the time to watch this interesting video (Click Below).

Food that increases penis size: Listen!

Since a long time ago, men used to apply different methods to increase the size of their penis. Some of these methods include using herbal pills, exercise and even indulging in a lot of sexual activity. All methods had their own success rate and also side effects. Some of the side effects were so severe to the point of causing permanent damage.

  1. It is due to this reason that scientist started looking for other safe techniques of going about it.

One of the ways they came up with was dieting. They found that not only does penile length and girth increase with regular intake of certain nutrients, but also becomes stunted when one eats other foods.

  1. Foods that have high carbohydrate content are not good.

Same applies to those that have high cholesterol. Therefore, one is advised to reduce intake of white rice, white bread, white pasta, fast foods and red meat. By taking these, you reduce the rate at which your penis grows and for more information about this topic, refer to our homepage at: male enhancement testosterone

So as to achieve great penile dimension, you need to start taking chicken. It is a very good source of protein, which plays a very big role in growth of organs. Fish is also good, especially tuna and salmon. This is because they are rich in omega three fatty acids.

Food that increases penis size: Good to know!

Eating whole meal foods such as pasta, rice and brown bread is also good. They contain vasodilators which allow blood vessels to increase in diameter, hence allowing more blood to enter the penis. This leads to an increase in its length and girth. Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli and carrots also contain that nutrient and so should also be taken in plenty.

  1. Chocolate, also falls in this category of foods. The quality dark type contains epicatechins.

These are flavonoids that usually dilate the arteries. This allows more blood into the penis, which in turn allows one to achieve a huge erection and maintain it for long. Therefore, one is able to enjoy sexual intercourse more.

Berries also come in very handy in such situations. The dark ones are preferred since they have many antioxidants. Moreover, they are rich in anthocyanins.

Food that increases penis size: My last words for you!

food that increases penis sizeThis type of antioxidants is known for their ability to enable one to reach fuller, harder and bigger erections. So, by eating dark berries such as black and blue berries you are able to experience an increase in the size of the organ.

There are also other foods that are said to bring this effect, but there is still no clear line as to whether they just increase libido or also lead to an increase in length and girth.

  1. food that increases penis size: Be careful!

Peanuts are a good example of such. All in all you can try any of the above mentioned food that increases penis size and see if you get positive results. These are the facts that you should consider about food that increases penis size.

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