How to make your penis bigger by 4″ 100% naturally?

How to make your penis bigger fast: Although you may be willing to try just about anything in the world to get a bigger penis, this may not be necessary. There are many natural steps that can be taken that will enhance the size of this organ. The following tips will help you to learn how to increase penile size with exercises and to avoid any side effects.

How to make your penis bigger with exercises?

  1. Improve your life style!

You should know that have good blood circulation is one very vital part of achieving an impressive erection. Cigarette smoking, too much alcohol consumption and other like activities will have a very negative effect on overall health and may result in poor sexual performance among other things. Thus, one of the best things that can be done is to become more moderate in certain extracurricular activities.

Have you ever been informed that improving your life style also helps to decrease refractory period? This is indeed one of the overlooked facts about how to make your penis bigger. Adding to this, improving your life style also helps to overcome premature ejaculation and last longer in bed.


  1. Improve your sexual habits!

Additionally, if you are having sexual intercourse very often and have multiple partners, you may find that taking a short break will help you to obtain a more substantial erection in the future. In this context, you should know that too much masturbation overloads your PC muscles and that is why you should avoid this bad habit, and for more information, check this article at: Facts about penis size.

In this manner, you should also avoid any treatments that inject something in your penis. In other words, avoid any penile injection for male enhancement. If it is the only solution left, then you must consider this treatment ONLY under the supervision of your doctor.


  1. Physical activity will help also by promoting good blood flow.

Running, jogging or even walking at a rapid pace will get the heart rate up. This ensures the optimal delivery of blood and nutrients down to your lower extremities. Keeping a physically active lifestyle that includes cardio vascular actions will definitely have benefits to this end.

There are additionally some stretching activities that can be performed. You can start by placing a warm, wet towel on your member. This will increase the elasticity of this area. If you once decided to opt for jelqing exercises, then warming up before the exercises is a must.


  1. How to make your peni bigger at home: Read this carefully!

how to make your peni biggerThe penis should then be pulled straight out and away from the body while holding the towel at the base. You can then pull to the left and right, stretching the flaccid shaft in all directions. As you learn how to increase penile size with exercises, you will find that consistency is key.

You must avoid causing yourself extreme pain to prevent damage from occurring. The tugging should be gentle, firm and consistent. With time, you will likely achieve considerable improvements and will be able to increase penile length and girth.

My last tip for you is to carefully check online independent reviews, in case you are willing to opt for a certain solution. For example, in case you are interested in penis pills, then head to and type does Vimax work, or does extagen help to increase penile size? This way, you protect yourself against burning a hole into your pocket for nothing valuable.

How to make your penis bigger at home?

In case you are not okay with the size of your male sexual organ, you are not alone. In fact, a lot of men are not okay with the length or width of their sexual organs. At least they have reason to be worried. There are various methods you can use but the following top 3 methods on how to increase penile size fast will be of great help as they are widely agreed to be the best male enhancement.

  1. How to make your peni bigger with your hands- Do not overlook this!

You should know that this is not an easy process. You must also be willing to let you hands do some work every day. Gaining an inch or two requires that you be patient. This method helps you increase both the length and girth of your penis by jelqing. The length of the dicks of most men lies between 5 and 6 inches but with dedication, you gain an extra two inches.

The aim of the exercises is to pump more blood to the penis and that is exactly what penis pills like viagra do. You do this by holding your half erect penis between the thumb and forefinger of one hand and slide down from the base to its tip gripping firmly. You need to use a lubricant to prevent irritation. Once one hand reaches the tip, you have to start over with the other hand. Do this for 10 minutes daily for better results.


  1. Another method is to eat healthy diets all the time.

Eating healthy is known to do a lot of good things in our bodies including making your penis stronger and more capable of erecting. Healthy diets give you sufficient energy for body functioning and this is the right answer on the question about how to make your peni bigger naturally.

Indeed, 1000s of people aim at the first stage to opt for pills like extenze just they offer relatively fast results. However, especially for people who are over 40, these pills could be dangerous especially, if you have any diseases like diabetics, improper blood circulation, etc..


  1. You can also use male enhancements.

Most of the people who have used them confess that they work. However, they are very expensive. You should be ready to part with a large sum of cash. For this, you should always check several offers or type the name of the product plus the word “bonus” to see, if you can save a bit money on your male enhancement program to get the right answer on how to make your penis bigger.

You should try all or some of these methods on how to increase penile size fast. For better result, do all of these exercises interchangeably. You cannot have a big dick within a day, so be patient. In fact natural male enhancement leads to no side effects, but for this, it takes sometime to see the results. But they are permanent and that is why you should opt for natural male enhancement.


How to make your penis bigger Naturally for Free?

It is every man’s dream to have a large member to satisfy his partner with, so if you too wish to be well hung take note of these top 3 tips on how to increase penile size naturally for free. You need to forget expensive potions and uncomfortable machines; you can grow your penis with no potions and with no cost.

  1. How to make your penis grow faster: #Facts to know!

how to make your penis biggerThe length and girth of your member all depends on the amount blood flows to it, not on the actual inches when soft. The more blood you can get circulating, the bigger it will become and as it grows, so will your confidence too.

Also, one possible solution is to increase the level of testosterone in your body and, hence, increase the overall health situation of your sexual members. Besides, you can employ Kegel exercises for men carefully and under supervision of any jelqing videos to enhance your PC flex.

In this manner, you should know that it has been scientifically proven that there is a strong connection between your male size and the sexual satisfaction of your partner. That is why you should take this topic very seriously, otherwise, you risk to destroy your social life.

How to make your peni bigger manually: Tips!

  1. Use Warm compresses after your shower!

The first tip you can take to mind when you want to impress your girl is to use warm compresses after you shower. These do not hurt like some suction devices that you would use in the shower, and the results are fantastic, combined with slapping your semi erect cock against your leg, you will really get the blood flowing.

Also, you should follow all the safety precautions for these exercises. Furthermore, one should check the world map of the regular penis size to check if your penis size is fine. So the question about is a 5 inch penis small or not can be answered there.


  1. Next, you may want to look up some jelqing exercises.

These have become increasingly popular recently and are extra cheap to do and when carried out effectively they do you no harm and cause no pain. To do these successfully you will have to make an o shape around the base of your penis and with the other hand gently pump, increasing and encouraging the flow of blood.

Also, if you browse the internet, you will find out that 1000s and 1000s of people succeeded to overcome excessive curvature of the penis using this kind of exercises. And the big deal here is the fact that natural exercises have no side effects.


  1. Eat healthy food rich in male enhancement ingredients!

does vimax workLastly of the top 3 tips on how to increase penile size naturally for free is to look at your diet and lifestyle. If you quit smoking, exercise more and eat well, then your blood flow around your whole body will become greater, and this of course means to your lower gland too.

This, along with some great herbs that you will be able pick up from your pharmacy will ensure you an extra inch or two; plenty to get your partner really in the mood and this is an overlooked fact about how to make your dick bigger.

One last advice for you is to be patient and never hurry to the first solution. For example, if you came across an advertisement about how to make your penis bigger in one day, then click it away. Naturally, you will never be able to increase penile size in one day. According to the penis enlargement studies, you can start to see a real improvement after 4 weeks.

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